Partner Services

These are the different levels of partnership benefits. Here you can select the best fit for your goals. Regardless of whether you are just starting out as a space supplier or a seasoned professional, you can fit your needs and budget here.

Partner Levels
Service Silver(Free) Gold($19.95/Month) Platnium($29.95/Month)
Postings 1 5 Unlimited
Photos 1 3 5
Turn Posting On/Off Yes Yes Yes
Contact Members No Yes/Limited Yes/*
Place Bids: No Yes/Limited Yes/Unlimited
Receive Bids: No Yes/Limited Yes/Unlimited
Place Profile: Limited Less Limited Yes/Unlimited
Update Posting: Yes Yes Yes
Photo Marquis Pending Pending Pending
Video Pending Pending Pending
View Matches: Pending Pending Pending
Manage Alerts Pending Pending Pending
Display on Map Yes/Limited Yes/Limited Pending
Posting Time 30 Days 60 Days Pending
Turn Posts On/Off Yes Yes Yes
*Your site quote form Yes Yes Yes

*wPerm: This term is with the permission of the member.