Welcome Partner candidate...

Thanks for considering a partnership with surplusTruckSpace.com. We know that you may be slightly embarrassed to even be here, but as transportation and logistics professionals ourselves, we do know your dilemma. We do know that it is a fact of doing business that you have to deal with surplus or dead space. That's why "deadheading" is called what it is. When you have dropped off one load and you are heading to pick up another, you are on a heading with dead space that does not pay anything.

We also know that you may not necessarily want to diminish your brand by associating it with discounting. These and a few other reasons are why we are here, to help you fill your dead, surplus space.

Why us? Comparatively speaking, if you are some type of carrier, you may be posting your availabilities on so called "load boards". While these may be good for this or that, today new technologies are coming around all the time and also web sites are becoming more specialized to a particular aspect of a carrier or warehousing operation. Just like the time there use to be only large bulk warehouses, today there are many types of specialized operations that provided more customized services for the consumer. This is how we work to serve you and help you fill more of your surplus space while helping you to cut costs and increase your hauls.

How does SurplusTruckSpace.com work? SurplusTruckSpace.com provides a very advanced information and data exchange system that allows carriers and warehouses of all types to aim at 2 goals: 1. To post your availabilities. 2. To Search postings made by those seeking space with commodities to fill it with.

How to get started! To get started, you'll simply fill out the form in the left column to place your first free space available posting. Once you have submitted this, you'll receive an email confirmation giving your your user ID, password and link to login. Once logged in, you'll be able to view space needed postings and place your posting on the bids that interest you.

How much does it cost? This is the real beauty of SurplusTruckSpace.com. You'll need to sign up the find out the advantages of this exciting price structure. Go ahead, fill out the form to the left to get started. You'll receive more details and links by email. We look forward to having you as a partner.